An Intimate Conversation

Between Two Descendants of Stutthof Concentration Camp Prisoners

October 3, 2021
10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern
7 PM South Africa | 8 PM Israel


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Dr. Marylin Kingston whose Mother, Cesia Kingston was a Jewish slave, slated for murder alongside innumerable Jewish victims at Stutthof Concentration Camp.


Silvia Foti — whose Grandfather,  Jonas Noreika, was a genocidal mass murderer of Lithuanian Jews, was detained as a personal guest of Heinrich Himmler, and then ‘housed’ in Stutthof Concentration Camp.


Marylin & Silvia will compare how their family members were treated and the reasons they were in Stutthof Concentration Camp at the same time. They will address the fraud by the Lithuanian government to declare Noreika innocent of crimes of genocide, and how his detention in Stutthof has been used as a misleading political tool for Lithuanian Holocaust deception.


This promises to be an electrifying event.

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Additional information for historical context:

  1. Groups of Lithuanian inmates including Jonas Noreika arrived at Stutthof in March 1943.The first group of 17 prisoners arrived on 25 March 1943, the second group of 28 prisoners arrived on 26 March, 1943.
  2. The camp numbers of the first group were (21243-21259), and the second 21309-21337. Jonas Noreika was camp number 21330 – in the 2nd group.
  3. During the first tenure of their sojourn in Stutthof, these Lithuanians shared the same conditions as other inmates, housed together in one of the barracks of the old camp. By May 1943, nine of them had died.
  4. Upon receiving Himmler’s orders, the Commandant declared that they were now “Honorary Prisoners’  (Ehrenhaeftlinge) with many privileges. They were moved into a separate barracks (still in the old camp) which was next to the women’s block where Cesia Kingston was held prisoner.
  5. There, Noreika and his co-honorees had good conditions with bunk beds, pillows, clean sheets every week, and three blankets. Lithuanians chose their own block leaders.
  6. Seventy-seven of Noreika’s private and intimate letters written from Stutthof to his family survived and are now in the custody and protection of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. https://israelusa.org/holocaust-archive-protected-by-u-s-federal-government/
  7. When the new camp was ready the Lithuanians were transferred to block 11 (only Lithuanians lived there) where they lived and dined in comfort. Attached is a plan of the entire camp showing block eleven.
  8. The plan for block 13 (for Danish inmates) reflects a similar interior to block 11.
  9. The Lithuanian Government declares that Noreika’s detention proves he was anti-Nazi. He was not. He was sent to Stutthof only after he had completed murdering the Jews under his dominion. (March, 1943).
  10. The Lithuanian Government declares that Lithuania was the only Baltic country not to form a SS Unit. This unit was not formed because Noreika wanted an ethnically pure – Jew-free state, that was independent. It is for his nationalistic endeavors that he was sent to Stutthof.
  11. In order to intimidate historical researcher Grant Gochin into silence, the Government of Lithuania published this website http://genocid.lt/centras/lt/2969/a/ threatening him with criminal and Constitutional charges for identifying their national hero, Jonas Noreika as a murderer of Jews. The final paragraph of the website states (per Google Translate): “In an attempt to belittle J. Noreika and other Lithuanians imprisoned in the Stutthof concentration camp, G. A. Gochin explains in his “investigation” that they were not tired there, their activities were not investigated, that they were imprisoned only “as hostages of the Lithuanian nation” (Ref. No. 11).” We shall explore exactly this in today’s Zoom and understand what the Government of Lithuania is trying to hide.

If you are interested in learning more about Norieka in Stutthof, please read Silvia Foti’s book, The Nazis Granddaughter: https://www.amazon.com/Nazis-Granddaughter-Discovered-Grandfather-Criminal/dp/1684511089


This Zoom will address the horrific conditions of the Jewish victims as compared to the luxurious conditions offered to this genocidal murderer of Jews, who was detained for his political nationalism.

Our guests will deconstruct Lithuanian Government Holocaust deceptions.

Silvia will do readings from Noreika’s love letters sent from Stutthof Concentration Camp to his wife in Lithuania.


Silvia Foti

Dr. Marylin Kingston

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September 26, 2021
10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern | 7 PM South Africa | 8 PM Israel

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