ICAN Condemns Nevada Democratic Party Statement


MAY 14, 2021

ICAN Nevada strongly condemns the deplorable and completely misinformed statement released by Judith Whitmer, Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party. As an organization dedicated to giving a voice to Israeli immigrants living in Nevada, we find Whitmer’s statement especially hurtful, and we have serious concerns about the hate and discrimination her false claims may incite against our community.

That Whitmer chose to release her statement on the anniversary of Israel’s independence is particularly harmful and only adds insult to injury.

Like any immigrant community in America, Israelis deserve the right to connect to our culture and celebrate our heritage free from bias and bigotry. Whitmer’s statement, full of disinformation crafted by the Hamas terror organization, only serves to marginalize and disenfranchise our community.

Israel, our homeland, has the right to defend itself. Our family, friends, and loved ones have been under constant rocket attack – but Whitmer ignores their suffering.

We, too, wish for peace, for both our people and Palestinians. However, it is crucial to recognize that the obstacle to that peace is Hamas, recognized by the international community, including the European Union, as a terrorist organization. And, we urge the international community to address the severe harm suffered by Gazans at the hands of Hamas.

We strongly urge Whitmer to retract her statement and apologize for the harm she has caused to Nevada’s Israeli community.

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