Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to chair ICAN National Task Force Fostering Cross-Community Engagement

At the Beverly Hills Town Hall for Action: Combating Anti-Semitism and Creating Safe Communities Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN) announced the establishment of a national task force to promote cross-community engagement with former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa serving as the national chairman.

Recognizing that greater cultural education and awareness fosters mutual respect and understanding in diverse communities, the task force will draw upon Mayor Villaraigosa’s experience in Los Angeles bringing together the city’s many national, ethnic, and religious groups.“The recent rise in anti-Semitism is symptomatic of a serious underlying problem in America,” said Villaraigosa. “Hate is driven by ignorance and isolation, and with today’s technology, bigotry can spread like wildfire through social media and smartphones.”

“We’re in a new environment when it comes to intolerance and we need to find new ways to bridge our communities, turn isolation into engagement, and promote cross-cultural education,” Villaraigosa concluded.

“We are privileged to learn from Mayor Villaraigosa’s leadership, vast experience, and long track record of bringing our diverse communities together,” said Vered Elkouby Nisim, ICAN California Chairwoman. “We look forward to working with the Mayor to discover new ways to combat hate and intolerance to create safer communities.”

The ICAN national task force to promote cross-community engagement will launch in early 2020.