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The leadership of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) are currently considering a proposal that would put the union on record as official supporters of a boycott against Israel. Sign below to send a letter to the UTLA leadership opposing this antisemitic and discriminatory proposal.

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  • Dear Members of the UTLA House of Representatives,

    I am writing to you about the upcoming UTLA House of Representatives meeting to express strong support for a substitute motion which will indefinitely postpone the proposed endorsement of an anti-Semitic boycott of the Jewish homeland. As someone, who cares deeply about the safety of our schools, I am asking you to support the Board's recommendation and please vote "YES" on the substitute motion.

    1. The statistics are clear: hate crimes are rising. And, anti-Semitic hate crimes against Jewish people have spiked in recent years. Just this past May 2021, we saw the video footage of Jews in Los Angeles being beaten and chased through our streets. That a few teachers would now consider supporting a fringe anti-Semitic motion targeting the homeland of Jews is deeply hurtful, feels like a betrayal, and only incites further fear and grave concern for our safety.
    2. This issue has needlessly divided our community when instead, we all should be united in providing an excellent public school education and experience for our community. In your capacity as a member of the House of Representatives, I respectfully ask that you support the Board's recommendation and vote yes on the substitute motion.
    3. The LAUSD School Board and Los Angeles City Council recently demonstrated unity against anti-Semitism as each passed resolutions condemning hate and intolerance targeting our Jewish community. The proposed endorsement of a boycott against the Jewish homeland of Israel would have the opposite effect.
    I respect your role as an educational leader in Los Angeles. Please continue your leadership at the House of Representatives meeting, protect vulnerable members of LAUSD, and vote yes on the substitute motion and reject the hurtful, divisive, and dangerous motion targeting our Jewish communities.


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