Members of the United States Senate have introduced resolution 171 (2019-2020) entitled, “A resolution expressing the sense of Congress regarding restoring United States bilateral assistance to the West Bank and Gaza.”

This dangerous resolution calls upon the President to spend over $300 million to Palestinians after the Palestinian Authority refused to hold themselves accountable for terrorist attacks against Americans.

Last year, the U.S. Congress passed and the President signed into law, the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act which required the Palestinian Authority to submit to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts if they choose to take aid from the United States government and an act of terrorism is committed against a U.S. citizen.

Instead of choosing to receive U.S. aid and stop incitement to terror, end the indoctrination of Palestinian youths with hate-filled textbooks, and cease payments to the families of terrorists, all of which has the potential to cause the loss of American lives due to Palestinian terrorism, the Palestinian Authority chose not to receive American foreign aid and instead to continue supporting terrorism.

The Senators who introduced this resolution seem to believe that it is unfair to make the Palestinian Authority choose between U.S. aid and justice for American victims of Palestinian terrorism. Instead, they have chosen to continue the status quo of supporting incitement to terrorism that could result in the loss of American lives.

Oppose this dangerous resolution and make it clear that U.S. aid should not be given to regimes that refuse to rein in terrorism and risk American lives.

Take Action and Oppose this Dangerous Resolution!

Sponsor:Sen. Merkley, Jeff [D-OR] (Introduced 04/11/2019)
Committees:Senate – Foreign Relations
Latest Action:Senate – 04/11/2019 Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.  (All Actions)