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Building off a strong foundation, this legislation enhances the Nevada Department of Education’s abilities to ensure Holocaust and genocide education is accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful for all students across our state.

This bill and its provisions are necessary as recent studies show that many Americans possess a disappointing lack of knowledge about the Holocaust and as we see an alarming rise in Holocaust denial, antisemitism, and intolerance targeting Jewish communities. Unfortunately, this is occurring as we quickly approach a time when survivors and other eyewitnesses will no longer be alive.

Education relating to the Holocaust serves as a stark reminder of the sometimes dangerous realities of human nature and the fragility of society. It is our strong belief that accurate and high-quality Holocaust and genocide education will motivate Nevada’s students to confront hate, protect free societies, and work proactively to prevent future genocides.

Furthermore, according to a recent study conducted by the Shoah Foundation, students who have participated in Holocaust education programs have more pluralistic attitudes and are more open to differing viewpoints, challenge intolerant behavior in others, and stand up to negative stereotyping. When presented with a bullying scenario, students with Holocaust education reported being more likely to offer help. And, students exposed to Holocaust education demonstrate higher critical thinking skills and a greater sense of social responsibility and civic efficacy.

These positive results are needed now in the State of Nevada and will contribute to a more tolerant, respectful, and civil society. By signing today, you are showing your strong support for AB 56 in 2021.


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Strengthening Holocaust Education in Nevada

What this bill does:

  1. Tighten definitions of Holocaust/genocides and will set parameters for what genocide is and what quality Holocaust education should include. This has never been in statute in Nevada and should not be overlooked.
  2. A subcommittee will be formed which will report what the Nevada Department of Education/school districts require, including materials, training, and curriculum.
  3. The subcommittee will include nonprofit organizations, the Department of Education, school districts, and members of the Governors Holocaust Education Advisory Council.
  4. In addition, the subcommittee will take a full inventory of educational resources from the community to identify opportunities to link school districts with resources and identify gaps that need to be addressed.
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