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Eastern European governments have engaged in Holocaust revisionism by denying the culpability of their nationals and elevating murders to hero status. There is a pervasive effort to blame Nazis universally and whitewash national guilt for Holocaust crimes. Lithuania is the most egregious example and has an entire government department dedicated to revising Holocaust history. Much has been written about Polish, Ukrainian and Hungarian revisionism, but Lithuania has turned it into an art form.

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So Close to the Holocaust…but So Innocent

Both Germany and Lithuania are members of the European Union and of the NATO defense alliance. Germany prosecutes guards that served at death camps with chagrin for their crimes, Lithuania glorifies Holocaust perpetrators with national honors. Such is the divergence between the current value systems of Germany and Lithuania.

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Four Historical Shames Which Afflict Us Lithuanians

Today Lithuanians are afflicted by four historical shames. These are the impotency of the debased pre-war government of Smetona, the first Soviet occupation, the Holocaust and the second Soviet occupation.

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My grandfather wasn't a Nazi-fighting war hero — he was a brutal collaborator

A deathbed promise led to me discovering his complicity in the Holocaust — and what it means beyond my family

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The New York Times

Nazi Collaborator or National Hero? A Test for Lithuania

The discovery that Mr. Noreika was complicit in the Holocaust was not really news to locals in his hometown.

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Plaque by plaque, Lithuania confronts its wartime past

Silvia Foti thought her grandfather was a hero. Now she believes he was a Nazi collaborator.

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The New Yorker

How a Single Remark Stole a Lithuanian Writer’s Livelihood

Rūta Vanagaitė was a best-selling author in Lithuania. Then she contradicted the story her country tells about itself.

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