Lobbying & Advocacy

Through our advocacy, policy, and lobbying programs we work with each branch of government at every level, federal, state, and local to ensure our voice is heard and our agenda is advanced on the issues that affect our communities.

Civic Education

Our advocacy education programs ensure that every member of our community is empowered through knowledge of America’s civic history, political systems, legislative process, and government.

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response program ensures that our agenda is supported and our advocacy message is delivered on time in multiple channels including digitally on social media, web, and email, on broadcast media through radio and television, and in traditional media through leading newspapers.

Strategic Engagement

Our strategic engagement program establishes connections between Israeli-American communities and allies in other immigrant, religious, and minority communities, as well as facilitating intergovernmental, economic, and academic relationships between Israel and the United States.

Delegations to Israel

Our delegations to Israel are unique in that each participant is joined by an Israeli-American where we explore critical areas of potential cooperation and mutual interest with the United States including security and defense, innovation and economy, and sustainability.

Campaigns & Elections

Through our affiliated PAC organizations, ICAN rates and endorses candidates, holding them accountable for their votes while in office, and making sure they keep their campaign promises. We support candidates who support our agenda and oppose those who oppose our agenda.