Civil Rights

We support the protection of civil rights and combat discrimination in our communities. View more […]

Civic Engagement

We promote civic engagement among Israeli-Americans, encouraging our community to vote, and make their voice heard.View more […]

Community Empowerment

We work to ensure that our entire community is empowered socially, culturally and civically. View more […]


We support policies that encourage inclusivity, equal access, and secure learning environments for members of our educational communities. View more […]


We support sustainable development and the use of clean technology to conserve our natural resources. View more […]

Culture & Heritage

We ensure that the heritage and cultural connection between Israeli-Americans and Israel is free from unfair bias and discrimination. View more […]

Innovation and the Economy

We support economic policies that are conducive to robust innovation and supports growth in small business, domestic markets, and international trade. View more […]

Foreign Policy

We promote foreign policies that advance America’s values and interests. View more […]

U.S. – Israel Alliance

We empower our community to serve as citizen ambassadors between the United States and Israel, reinforcing the special bond between our two great countries. View more […]