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Over the past week, there have been several developments related to U.S. aid to Israel:
1. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced an amendment to the defense budget bill that would prohibit the transfer of important weapons systems to Israel which are designed to disrupt Hamas military operations.
2. Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Bowman, Bush, McCollum, and Jayapal, members of the so-called “Squad,” refused to back a budget bill unless funding for Israel’s life saving defensive system Iron Dome was removed.
3. U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has introduced key stand-alone legislation to fund Iron Dome.

Take action and send a letter opposing restrictions on aid to Israel and support new Iron Dome funding legislation.

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    Letter #1 - To Representative Ocasio-Cortez Regarding Amendment to Block Sales of Defensive Technology to Israel.

    Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez,

    I am writing regarding your recently submitted amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have prevented the United States from providing key military equipment to the State of Israel. The systems that you attempted to block are used by Israel to disrupt terrorist organizations’ operations targeting Israeli civilians, Jews, Christians, Muslim alike.

    That you would attempt to block weapons designed to inhibit terrorist operations targeting innocent civilians is entirely unacceptable. You continue to hold the State of Israel to an impossible standard and demonstrate hostility to the mere existence of the one and only Jewish country in the world. You want to prevent Jews from being able to defend themselves and their homeland. You are putting innocent Israeli lives at risk by enabling terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah to thrive. This is a worldview that is rooted in antisemitism.

    While I am pleased that your amendment will not be seriously considered by your colleagues in the House, you should be ashamed that you introduced it in the first place, and I will exercise my civic rights to ensure that your fringe antisemitic anti-Israel policy proposals never become law in the United States of America.

    [Firstname] [Lastname]

    Letter #2 - To Representatives Blocking Iron Dome Funding.

    Dear Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Bowman, Bush, McCollum, Jayapal:

    I am writing to express serious concern and absolute disapproval of your decision to block funding for defensive technologies meant to protect innocent Israelis under attack from Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

    The Iron Dome missile defense system is entirely defensive. There is no acceptable justification for your desire to block funding for this critical technology that saves both Palestinian and Israeli lives.

    Your approach to defense funding is dangerous, puts innocent lives at risk, undermines U.S. national security, and threatens our relationships with key allies.

    You should seriously reconsider your position on critical defense policies and support American interests and allies abroad.

    [Firstname] [Lastname]

    Letter #3 - To Majority Leader Hoyer Thanking Him for Leading on New Iron Dome Funding Bill.

    Dear Majority Leader Hoyer,

    I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for your leadership in authoring a new spending bill to fund the Iron Dome missile defense system.

    Iron Dome is an important example of what can be achieved when Israel and the United States cooperate. This key technology has not only shifted the regional security paradigm for Israel and the Middle East but has also provided a vital defensive platform for U.S. interests in other places around the world.

    I thank you for your commitment to Israel’s peace and security, and I support your efforts to ensure Iron Dome funding is passed, and I thank you for being a leader we can count on to preserve and strengthen the special alliance between the United States and Israel.

    [Firstname] [Lastname]

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